Fred Phelps may be dying, but the LGBT community should let him go quietly




hahahahha nah i am tired of this “be the bigger person” shit. the pain he and his church have caused people! we have every right to react to his death with joy. good fucking riddance. sing it from the mountain.

and here we see the problem.

yeah the problem is people who experience oppression and pain at the hands of people like him finding relief and happiness at the idea of him no longer being on this earth

and not, you know, people like him.

fucking please.

I dont care who you are or what pain you have inflicted on people, the death of another human is not something we should be celebrating. We can not wipe out hate with more hate.

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One time in high school a teacher called me a ‘she’


so I said, "I’m actually a boy, Miss."

Then one of my classmates slams his hands on the desks and shouts, "YOU’RE NO BOY!"

I turned around to him.

he said, “YOU’RE A MAN.”

I turned back around sheepishly smiling while all my male classmates cheered and shouted, my teacher simply smiled, apologized, and the lesson continued.

I’m thankful for that moment in my life, it gives me hope for the future.

That more trans people will be supported, and visible. 

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"Love is never easy when it hides in the shadows of guilty kisses and hands secretly held."

Michael Faudet  

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